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Publisher Service Overview

  1. Relevant, High Quality Ads for Your Visitors

    • A global ad network in a global city: H12 Media connects you to world's biggest RTB market places to create high revenues through premium campaigns.

  2. Easy to Use Self Service Platform

    • Our platform enables you to take full control of your web sites, reports and payment processes.
  3. Different ad serving options

    • We have two different offers for our publishers. The first one is ''floor pricing'' where you can specify your minimum selling price in CPM. We buy your ad spaces at this prespecified price or higher. Our tailor-made engine is designed to increase your eCPM continuously and aims to make the best use of your inventory. The unfilled traffic is sent to your back-up banner* codes, mitigating any possible revenue losses. All CPM campaigns are advertised by premium brands and only available for brand-safe domains.
    • The second model is called the fulfill option. In this one, we offer our publisher up to 100% fill rate. As in the ''floor pricing'', our adserver tries to fill your adspaces through CPM campaigns first. However, when there are unfilled impressions, we will make use of the CPC or CPA campaigns in this case. If the bid is too low, we may not buy the impression to prevent you from losing. Instead, we send it to your back-up banner codes.

  4. Standard, sliding and on-video ad units for desktop and mobile traffic

    • We offer a wide range of ad units for desktop and mobile traffic: 300x250, 728x90, 160x600, 320x50 (mobile optimised), 120x600, 336x280, 300x600 and 468x60 are the available sizes.
  5. Campaigns that pay nearly for all impressions

    • While our engine tries to match the best rates with your traffic, if the offer your adspace receives is low, we send your impression to your passbacks (back-up banner codes).
    • Revenue optimisation and yield management are possible
  6. HTTPS enabled adserver, ASYNC tags

    • .Our tags do not affect your page speed at all, thanks to our ASYNC banner loading technology.
  7. Malware free advertising

    • Our campaigns are mobile device compatible.
    • H12 Media and its partners have a strict policy against mobile redirection ads, popups or malware content. With the help of our state-of-the-art detection tools, they can be filtered and disabled.
  8. Next-day payment option!**

    • Your account balance gets updated every day and you can request payment on your publisher dasboard any time after your account balance reaches $25.
    • Net30 payment term is also available
  9. Earn life time referral revenue of 10%

    • Promote your registeration URL, in order to get affiliated publisher accounts.
    • When your affiliated account receives their payment from H12 Media, we add 10% of the paid amount to your balance.

       *Tags served by another ad network of your choice
      **Subject to a 10% liquidity charge

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