Online Publishers Platform to Monetize Your Traffic

The Easy Way to Display Adverts and Generate Higher Revenue

Make More Money

Generate more revenue from your existing website or blog traffic by displaying relevant, high quality advertising banners

Get Paid Per Click or Impression

Make money when a visitor clicks the advert or view it, it’s that simple.

Self Serve Platform

Easy to use platform that enables you to fully manage ad units, reports and payment processes.

Full Control of Banners

Take control of the content, size and type of adverts shown on your website or blog.

Secure Banners and Landing Pages

All adverts are malware free, and within our strict customer service policy, ensuring we maintain our high standards.

Net-30 Basis Payments

Monthly, stable and on-time Net-30 payments. As low as $50 USD to Paypal, Payoneer, Wise or to your preferred local or international bank account (via ACH, SWIFT or SEPA)!

The aim of the Online Publishers Platform is to make it easy for you to generate more revenue from your existing traffic by displaying relevant ads that your visitors will click. Sign up today and start running monetizing ads!


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Smart Floor Pricing

Smart Floor pricing allows our publishers to make more money for each sold premium banner impression. Our AI driven ad serving technology ensures you get maximum payment for each banner impression or click!

Responsive Ad Units

Our new responsive ad units perfectly fits to your page design based on HTML layout and visitor device. They are highly viewable and lazy load enabled. No more banner sizes and devices to separate banner codes! All-in-one full responsive ad units are H12 Media's standard.

Sticky Ad Units

Our sticky ad units are designed for your mobile and desktop visitors. They are offering 100% view-rate, higher click rate and of course higher revenue for your website!

Campaign and Banner Creative Category Blocking Options

As a publisher you can have your own individual publishing policies. You can easily block unwanted or unsuitable campaign categories from appearing on your website at any time. With the Online Publishers Platform you are in complete control of the ads you display.

Banner, Video and Native Driven Ad Units

The lucrative new trend in digital advertising is multi-format advertising which covers banner, native and video advertising. Once you implement an ad unit of H12 Media to your website, we add native, display and video advertisers into the competition, and display the advert which gives you the most. This could be a banner advert, a native or even a video advert. It's that simple to make more with H12 Media's smart tech stack!

Potential to Earn Lifetime Referral Revenue of 10%

Promote your registration URL to get money making affiliated publisher accounts. When your affiliated account receives their payment from H12 Media, we add 10% of the paid amount to your balance. Support our independent ad serving company by promoting us, and make additional revenue!

Auto Placed Ad Units

Our unique and independent approach: Auto Placed Ad Units! Display banners automatically after header, before footer, after H1 or H2 tags, or even at Sidebar or inside your articles, with just one Ad Unit! Simply go to Ad Units section and create a full responsive Auto Placed Ad Unit and implement it to your website to boost your income. Auto Placed Ad Unit is standard for every single publisher account!

HTTPS, ASYNC and Lazy Loading Enabled Tags

Our banner codes will not affect your page speed thanks to our ASYNC and lazy load enabled banners. Sign-up to reach our high standards for our publisher members!

Start Generating More Revenue Today

Sign up to the H12 Media Publishers Platform now and start generating more revenue from your existing traffic. Remember, you are in complete control of the ads you display, the payments process, and the reports you generate. The ads will be relevant to your visitors and of a high quality. Get started in minutes!

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