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Publisher FAQ

Q: How often do reports update?
A: Your impression, click, conversion and revenue reports are updated every hour. Reporting server timezone settings may change and depend on the ad server we use. Possible time zones: GMT (London), GMT -5 Hours (New York), GMT +2 Hours (Istanbul).

Q: Which type of campaigns will be displayed in my ad space?
A: Our ad server is an automation system that finds relevant campaigns for your visitors. %7 of total impressions we serve are learning campaigns when you choose full-fill option. Our ad server chooses the most paying and relevant campaign for your ad space every time, at each impression.

Q: Can I block a campaign?
A: No. You can't block specific campaigns from your account. H12 Media's ad server has an automation system that finds relevant campaigns for your visitors and website. And these are not self-managed most of time. H12 Media does not serve Dating and Adult campaigns. These are blocked at network level.

Q: I have noticed that one of your ad campaign redirect my users from my website. What can I do?
A: Redirecting your visitors from your website is a prohibited advertisement policy by all of the exchanges at display networks. We need to report this spam action to our exchange partners. Please contact us with that information: Screen Shot, Country Information, Mobile/Desktop (Your device type), Your Website URL. We'll take action as soon as we received your email.

Q: What is your eCPM? / What is your price for per click?
A: H12 Media does not provide a fixed CPM rate, base CPM rate or fixed CPC for campaigns in your account. CPM rate can be different for any website according to country traffic, click rates, conversion rates and content channel (Content type you serve) information, campaigns, competitors on your website's traffic, etc. We prefer not to predict the eCPM rate. You can choose minimum CPM option at Websites tab and specify your price for brand-safe traffic making websites in order to guarantee your minimum revenue per 1000 impression.

Q: Is there any limitation about payment request?
A: Only one limitation about payment requests is "monthly request limit" for publisher accounts. Currently, publishers can make 2 requests per month. If you would like to make more payment request in same month, system will give you a notice that saying you to try it next month.

Q: Is there any TAX deduction in payments?
A: No. For United Kingdom VAT registered companies should notify H12 Media about their VAT numbers to receive payments as Revenue + %20 VAT. After VAT number verification, we can pay them plus VAT amount.

Q: Do I have to send invoices?
A: No. But if you would send them we would appreciate.

Q: Where and when should I send invoices?
A: After got payment please send your invoices within 30 days to finance [ at ] h12-media.com

Q: What are the payment options and terms?
A: There are two way to get your money from H12 Media. Currently: 1. Paypal, 2. Wire Transfer.

There are two different schedule date for requested payments: 1. Next-Day (1-3 Business Days to Process) 2. Net-30 (30 days to process).

When you choose "Next-Day Schedule", H12 Media will apply a 10% risk fee for your payment and you will get your requested amount's 90% at scheduled date. If you choose "30 Days Later Schedule", you will get your requested amount as it is. No fee will be applied to your requested amount.

Paypal payments will immediately pass to your account after processed. Wire transfers can take up to 5 business days to appear in your account balance according your bank and country.

Currently, minimum payout limit to "Paypal" is 25 USD, and 500 USD for "Wire Transfer". Wire Transfers has 20 USD transfer fees and this is charged you when you create payment request.

Q: How can I increase my CPM rate?
A: First of all you have to be patience about your eCPM rate volatility in your account. Your website's inventory is being sold in a marketplace and there are many advertisers in that marketplace to buy some traffic. We are working hard to find more buyers for this marketplace to increase your eCPM rate. When there are more advertisers to buy traffic, CPM rate will increase. Other ways are related to your website and visitors. Please provide as much traffic as you can to our banners. Place H12 banners to places that your visitors can recognize. Click rates and conversion rates are very important about eCPM rate when you choose full-fill option. If advertisers can't get conversions (goals) from your website, they can exclude your domain from their lists and this situation results with a decrease at your eCPM rate. Please use "ON VIDEO" banners, "SLIDING BANNERS", "SITE-UNDER POPS" with standard banner as well. Provide us "good click rates" and "high traffic", and avoid placing banners at hidden positions and below the fold.

Q: How many banners can I place per page?
A: We recommend you to place up to 3 standard banners + 1 sliding banner + 1 on-video banner + 1 Site Under into your website. (For each page)
For example, if you have 300K page views that can display ads to users (outside adblocker users), and placed 6 banner per page, you expect 1800K banner impressions per day. But it's a high probability to see under 1800K impressions at your reports. Placing too many banners in a page is not a good option for both of your visitors and advertisers. Your visitors can get bored, your advertiser cost can increase unfairly. Ad server may stop serving for your visitor or apply a dynamic frequency capping for your visitor.

Q: What are the best eCPM rate providing ad-types?
A: Best eCPM rate providing banner types are: Site Under Pop, On-Video Banners, Sliding Banners (728x90 and 300x250), Pre-Pop Banner

Q: My ad space is blank. I only see H12 logo at corner. What can I do?
A: Please contact us with your domain name/url. We'll solve possible issues with your ads as soon as possible. Also do not forget to update your back-up banner codes. When we can't buy your traffic with a particular reason, we may serve you blank. At that time we refer to your back up banner codes in order fill your inventory and avoid revenue loss.

Q: I could not get payment. What can I do?
A: Please complete your account details including Phone Number, Address, Contact Name, Country. And check your payment details for your selected option to get your money from H12. (Paypal or Wire Transfer informations) And after that contact to H12 Media. We'll solve possible issues with your payment as soon as possible.

Q: Can I use H12 Media banners in every website that I own?
A: Please do not use H12 Media banner tags in not submitted, rejected or suspended websites. This type of activity may cause website suspension and account deactivation.

All publisher websites/domain names must be reviewed by H12 Media before ad-serving. That's why we require "Site Ownership Verification".

Q: How H12 Media optimizes publisher revenues and what should I know about H12 Media publisher revenue optimization platform?
A: Newly approved websites need to run banners at least 7 days and provide good CTR at beginning in order to let H12 Media revenue optimization platform get succeed.

Best giving sizes are: 300x250, 728x90 and 160x600. Each banner size optimization is separate process for H12 Media automation system.

If your domain name is not blacklisted at Appnexus ad servers, you will benefit from programmatic RTB premium (CPM) selling of your traffic.

H12 Media does not guarantee good and competitive eCPM rate for the placements locating below the fold and for the placements that have low view through rate.

H12 Media does not guarantee good and competitive eCPM rate for the websites that mainly loaded with Pop Serving, More than One Pop Serving, too much ad loaded (more than 5 banners per page) websites.

H12 Media may not be a good option for you to earn good if you have less than "10000 (10K) banner impressions/day". H12 Media is not a CPC network. We have CPM, CPC and CPA campaigns for global traffic and our system is optimizing the campaigns automatically to let you earn more. But this is not meaning that you will earn for each impressions or click. You can only earn for each conversion (CPA campaigns). For other campaigns you will earn per click (CPC campaigns) or per view/CPV/impression (CPM campaigns).

If you are using a fixed CPM partner while monetizing your traffic, you can use H12 Media banner codes as pass-back tag provider. But it is highly recommended to use H12 Media banner codes directly and top of your ad providers. Because, our unique platform combines premium CPM selling of your inventory on RTB platforms and %100 full fill CPC and CPA campaigns.

If you remove banners or stop sending traffic to your banners for a few days long, your revenues may decrease after starting banner serving again. Because we need traffic to optimize them. Especially at premium selling platforms.

H12 Media will use some partners such as Yahoo Ad Exchange, Appnexus, Criteo, PulsePoint Exchange, DoubleClick and Direct Advertiser campaigns to optimize your revenues and mostly you will earn more than your current or previous partner. You may earn %25 to %100 more than your current Appnexus or Yahoo partner with H12 Media.

H12 Media does not guarantee mentioned increasing if your domain name blacklisted at one of our ad servers or ad provider (partners).

Q: When does my account balance updates?
A: Everyday we update account balances once according to your previous day revenues.

You may expect the update every day until 1:00 PM (13:00) (Server Time) for previous day revenues.

If we see any problem or missing data at reports we may delay account balance updates to the next day.

Your account balance is not updated manually by your account manager. All account balances are updated once at the same time by our automation systems.

Q: Can I use hidden banners or refresh banners of H12 in my website?
A: Using H12 Media banners as hidden or refreshing them is strictly prohibited.

If you refresh banners or hide them from your users we may;

a) decrease revenue share of your account
b) terminate banner serving for your account or website.
c) disable your next-day payout schedule to review the activity and profit you made for the network and advertisers.
d) suspend the whole account.
e) blacklist the serving domains at our and partner ad servers.
f) stop campaigns that pay you per impressions (CPM).
g) apply frequency capping per user for your traffic like one or two banner impressions per IP for each price type of campaigns including CPM, CPC, CPA and CPL.

Regardless the price type of served campaign by ad server, you do not have any right to hide banners, refresh banners and tell your users to click them.