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Ad Formats

Standart Banner Types - High CPM Rates

Monetize your web site's ad spaces with theese standart size banners and get high CPM rates from your current inventory.


Fixed Position Banner (Left Tower and Right Tower) - High CPM Rates

You can use theese banners only for left, or only for right side, or both left and right side like example below. Theese banner types generating better CPM rates for your web site if we compare them to standart banners.


On Video Banner - Highest CPM Rates

If you have video content on your web site, so we highly recommend to use our Premium Banner Format, On-Video Banner. Ads will be appear when user clicks to watch your own flash videos or embeded videos from other websites. Skip button appears, and a time out of 20 seconds start before closing splash. And then overlay banners appear. You can get help from our crew to place theese banner into your web site. For Live Example Click Here.


For Live Example Click Here