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Self-Serve Advertiser Platform

We serve advertisers globally! Start promoting your landing page, website, mobile application or social media address today with our self-serve, easy to use platform today!

Without any budget commitments! Pay as you go!

H12 Media's Self Service Advertiser Platform allows digital marketing professionals, affiliate marketers, product and service manufacturers to promote their brands, websites, products, services or mobile applications. By using our easy to use self service platform, advertisers can reach users globally on desktop and mobile devices. This will allow the advertisers to increase the engagement with their current and potential customers, make new customers, increase brand awareness and sales.

We believe that every business in the world deserves to be a part of digital advertising and this should be affordable and fair for each of them. Hence we have developed our unique platform to support businesses globally. Our platform can be used by anyone who needs it without any contract, without any budget commitments.

No Contract or Minimum Usage Commitments! It's Just Pay As You Go!

We do not require you a contract of minimum usage. Just sign in and top-up as low as US $25 and start driving real users to your landing pages from really cheap prices! You can pay by Paypal, Credit/Debit Cards or Bank Transfer!

Campaign Grouping

Our platform allows you to group campaigns and lets you manage their combined daily budgets from one page. Campaign Groups can also be scheduled to start or stop on a specified future date. When you would like to stop or start all the campaigns in a group, just click the ON or OFF button. Campaign Groups also allows you to specify life time budget. When a Campaign Group reach its life time budget, all the campaigns in the Campaign Group stop buying and saving you from efforts to stop them one by one.

Campaign Types

Our platform comes with more than one campaign type. This helps you, saves time and lets you reach your goals easily.

  • Display Banner Campaigns
    This campaign type allows you to upload static or animated image files like JPEG, GIF, PNG to be used as banners at publisher websites.
  • Landing Page Promotion
    This campaign type allows you to buy pop-up, pop-under or pre-pop traffic. When you don't have any option to create or upload a banner, just start a Landing Page Promotion campaign and drive people your website, mobile app, social media fan page, etc.
  • Mobile Application Promotion Campaigns
    This campaign type allows you to start a campaign if you have a mobile application at Google Play Store or Apple App Store. You don't need to upload any file as banner for this type of campaign. Banners will be generated automatically by our platform after you specify the ID of your mobile-app in our platform. We'll bring all app information to your screen after getting them from your application's marketplace and generate banners for all available dimensions automatically.
  • Native Campaigns
    This campaign type allows you to upload thumbnail & title combination to promote your products and services at participating publishers properties.

Various Unit Prices of Bidding

When you advertise with H12 Media, you can prefer various bidding units to buy banner space from publishers. Different "Campaign Types" have different "Bidding Units" enabled. For instance, you cannot prefer paying for each click at Landing Page Promotion campaigns because they don't have banners to be clicked. Here is our bidding unit prices and their working principles.

  • Pay Per Impression (CPM)
    This bidding unit price is used by Display, Landing Page, Mobile App and Native campaign types. You pay 1:1000 of the second highest bid at impression level. Let's say you have placed $1 USD as maximum bid at campaign level and won the auction at impression level in a publisher website. And, let's say for the same impression auction the second highest bidder was placed $0.50 USD. You pay $0.50/1000 = $0.0005 USD for each served banner. No need to worry about viewability of your banner. When you prefer to pay for each banner impression, we ensure that banner is in the view port of a user.
  • Pay Per Click (CPC)
    This bidding unit price is used by Display, Mobile App and Native campaign types. When a user clicks to your banners, you pay your specified "Click" price. If a user clicks more than one in the same day, they will be calculated as only one click.
  • Pay Per Conversion (CPA)
    This bidding unit combined with CPM bidding unit price and listed as CPM+CPA in our platform separately. When you would like to pay for each conversion (i.e. when a user signs up to your website, install your mobile app, subscribe newsletter, completes a purchase, etc.) you can prefer it. This bidding unit price is combined with CPM (Pay per impression) to avoid publisher losses. There must be a conversion pixel implementation successfully installed for your campaign as well to let our platform knows about your conversion and charge you correct amounts.

Audience Targeting Criterias

Our platform enables you to target your audience at Campaign level. You must select at least one target user location for each Campaign. Location targeting enables you to promote your product/service at specific user locations such as cities, regions & states or countries. And by your preference, you can select Device Types (Mobile, Desktop, Tablet, etc.), Browser Name (Chrome, Edge, Firefox), Operating System (Android, IOS, Windows, etc), Mobile Operators/Carriers, Day of Weeks (i.e. weekends), Hour of Day (i.e. 09:00-17:00) as your audience targeting criteria.

Conversion Tracking Possibilities

You can track the conversions of your campaigns when you advertise with our platform. A conversion is basically a post-click goal of your campaign and it depends on the goal of your campaign. Depending on your campaign's uniqueness a conversion might be a sale, a registration, an app install, etc. Our platform lets you track conversions with HTML Image CodeJavaScript Code or Server to Server (S2S) notification methods.

Dashboard & Quick Statistic

When you sign in to our platform, Dashboard is loaded. This section has been designed for our advertiser to provide them a quick view of some performance metrics and cost. Dashboard numbers are based on our quick statistics. Quick Statistics provide you the metrics of a preferred date range regarding all account activity, per Campaign Group or per Campaign, with graph view!

Reporting Tools

Our reporting tools enable you to generate detailed reports to view online or download as CSV format. You can filter data for more then 11 criteria including the date range. This tool also allows you exclusion of some audience targeting preferences when you select only one campaign and group the data by Placement ID or Domain ID. So that you'll be able to optimise your campaigns based on the publisher placements or domain IDs by excluding or including them into your targeting list.

Restrictions at Campaign Landing Pages and Creatives

Like every platform does, we also have some restrictions at landing pages and banner creatives section. Landing pages are continuously scanned by our third party partners to ensure they are compatible with our terms of service. 

  • Your banner creatives and landing pages must point to same campaign.
  • You must not use any deceptive content in your banner creatives like Play or Download buttons (it is not limited to download/play buttons).
  • You must ensure that each provided landing page is free of "adult content", "malware" and "phishing attacks".
  • You are not allowed to use nudity at banner creatives, however we will be allowing dating campaigns that does not have nudity at banners creatives and landing pages